Holly Hit the Atmosphere (bangers_n_mash) wrote,
Holly Hit the Atmosphere


after 11 months of dad avoiding the subject of my lovelife, i got a little suspicious and decided to confront him about it.

holly: why dont you ever ask me about my boyfriend
dad: -silence-
holly: its not because he's asian right
dad: i dont know
holly: do you have a problem with me dating an asian person
dad: well, no
holly: well thats good
dad: but i do have a problem with you marrying an asian person

not going to even get into his "reasons" that followed. like. honestly my dads opinion matters 0% to me but after fucking up the first two decades of parenthood he keeps saying how he wants to work on his relationships with me and my sister - this is not exactly helping. when i told my mom this conversation she said "but he [kevin] loves you" and then i burst out into pre-menstrual tears. because that is the only thing that matters.
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