Holly Hit the Atmosphere (bangers_n_mash) wrote,
Holly Hit the Atmosphere


ugh the people who read my livejournal are probably sick of hearing this, but the thing is i constantly feel like "shouting it from the rooftops" and i cant exactly do that on facebook without looking like a total dip. anywho, i am in love with this boy. i cherish every minute i get to spend with him and when we're apart for more than a day i get antsy about it. on friday he showed up at my door with flowers and wine for no good reason, i am quite spoiled these days. he's teaching me about new things i would have never gotten into on my own. i was doing online dating because i was bored with my 4 days off a week, i never thought it would lead to something like this. we talk about our potential future on a daily basis. that is a little scary for me but also exciting. this is the ~real deal.
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