Holly Hit the Atmosphere (bangers_n_mash) wrote,
Holly Hit the Atmosphere

it was 85 degrees today but i was sleeping

mer mer mer

at work our floor is the home to a new experimental way to treat people going through alcohol withdrawal. we were all hired for a cardiac floor, but they added medicine, its basically a dumping ground for geriatrics from our on-campus nursing home, and now up to 1/3 of our patients are potentially violent and hallucinating with assessments due every hour - which is only really appropriate in an ICU setting.

i just realized that i havent written much about my career goals here lately, should keep track of it. 8 months ago i thought i was going to do travel nursing. ha.

my new goal is nurse midwife. i dont really want to deliver babies, ideally i'd be working with women's reproductive health in a community setting, and i think that is the degree to get for that. either that or family NP with and just go into women's health. i should probably work on figuring out whats the best but its years off, as i would like more experience and i'm still going to be paying undergrad loans for a good 4-5 years. i'm going to stay on my current floor for another year or so i hope, and then maybe look for L&D jobs.

kevin is still hard at work at being the world's best boyfriend, surprising me all the time and saying sweet stuff, etc. i didnt think i was going to like him as much as i do, guess i was a little skeptical when he was a total stranger. also i always question my capacity as a normal human, maintaing a successful relationship and shit is not my style. we're going on our second mini-vacay this weekend to mystic ct. i would like to see the world with him. boston, philly, chicago, athens, new orleans, denver, portland, cali, one day maybe even the philippines and ireland.
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