Holly Hit the Atmosphere (bangers_n_mash) wrote,
Holly Hit the Atmosphere


2012. what a fucking amazing year for me, sorry to brag but it was.

both obama and leslie knope won their elections.

list of major life accomplishments:

got a grown up job with a sick salary (to quote myself in my usual way of describing it to people who are unfamiliar with the average nurse salary: i make more than any 23 year old should ever make) then got a promotion/raise on top of that

got a sweet ass apartment in a baller neighborhood of the greatest city in the world, ive been living by myself for almost 3 months now and im still alive

dropped that v card reeeeal hard in essentially the best case scenario situation and never looked back

the good always comes with the bad, there were some instances of heart ache and fear of losing my job, hibernating in my isolated little nest in NYC but i'll take those crap moments for a generally winner of a year.

traditional LJ year in first-sentence-of-first-entry-of-each-month entry:

"looks like its time to rub one out on livejournal to get rid of this hard-on of ANGST. IM SO SCARED. oh, livejournal. mouth the words to me, so we can keep things quiet. cinco de mayo 2006 was the first time i ever made out with anyone and i took the SATs the next morning and i couldnt concentrate because i kept feeling that ice cube slip into my belly. im bitter at ted because our relationship was so meaningless to him. i was served free sangria on two occasions yesterday. 1. new apartment. literally. i am, in a word, disenchanted. you have no idea, you have no idea. it doesn't take much to impress me."
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